Cosima is a woman who has lived the union of cultural roots on three continents including German parents that immigrated to America in her early childhood, incorporating modern Egyptian life through marriage and motherhood that led her to live in Egypt for the past 15 years. During most of that she has been on her own studying, absorbing and reintegrating her ancient European family roots that are rich in the creative arts to her present home soil of Egypt.

She has exhibited and attended workshops in the Middle East and in Europe (Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Germany, France, Switzerland, Lithuania, and Ireland) and offers private and group classes while she continues to develop pieces large and small by commission as well as her numerous series of works on paper and also paintings on canvas.

She is currently writing her own story, the story of her art and the lively experience on the creative path of self expression. It is her hope to assist many more to open their natural channel of expression in the visual arts of drawing and painting.